Price: $6.75 ​(​each)

Large 3D bunny w/egg basket (Options: Dark, Milk) (5.75in tall)

Price: $4.75 ​(each)

Large bunny w/egg basket (Options: Milk, Dark) (5.75in tall)

Price: $3.00 ​(each)

3D Lop eared bunny (Options: Dark, Milk) (3.5in tall)

Price: $1.75 (each)

Left to Right:

Lop eared bunny (Options: Dark, Milk)  (3.5in tall)

Duck w/ boots (Options: Dark, Milk) (3.5in tall)

Duck w/boots on popsicle stick (Options: Milk) (3.5in tall)

Price: $5.00- $7.50 (each) 

Chocolate Dinosaur filled egg (Options: Milk, Dark) (5.5in tall x3.75in wide) 


Price: Vary

Deco eggs (Options: Dark, Milk) ($.50 each)

6 mini multicolor bunnies in bag ($2.00 per bag of 6)

5 mini chicks in bag ($1.00 per bag of 5)

Baskets vary. Please inquire.

Price:$2.25 (each)

Left to Right (top row):

Large bunny(Options: Milk, Dark) (4.5in tall)

Bunny w/ flower head decor on popsicle stick (options: Milk) (3.75in Tall)

Large deco egg on popsicle stick (Options: Milk, White) (3.5in tall)

Left to Right (bottom row)

Bunny w/ flower head decor (Options: Dark, Milk) (3.75in tall)

Bunny in egg(Options: Dark) (3.75in tall)

Price: Vary

Mini bunny popsicle (Options: Dark, Milk) (3in tall) ($0.75)

Bowtie bunnies (Options: Dark, Milk, White) (3.5in tall) ($1.00)

Chix on Stix (Options: Milk, White) (2.75in tall) ($1.00)

Price: $12.50 ​(each)

X-tra large 3D bunny in egg (Options: Milk and white combo, as shown in photo) (6.5in tall x 5in wide)

Price: $5.00-$7.50 (each)

Jelly bean filled egg (Options: Milk, White, Dark) (5.5in tall x 3.75in wide)

Price: $1.50 ​(each)

Bunny head popsicle (Options: Milk, White) (3.5in tall)

Popsicle chick (Options: Milk, White) (3in tall)


Make your own personalized Easter basket!

(​Can purchase chocolate individually)

Price: $3.75 (​each)

Large 3D bunny (Options: Milk, Dark) (4.5in tall)

Price: $8.00 ​(each)

X-tra large bunny (Options: Milk) (6.5in tall)